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I have recently become the subject of a documentary: BELLYDANCE BEYOND THE GLITTER.

This documentary will tell the story of the dance through the journey of the dancer.


Belly Dance Beyond The Glitter was conceived by Kadri and Ian Bennett of Lifted Entertainment LLC. They are a production team specializing in film, photographic media and music production. Over the past 5 years they have had an intimate glimpse into the world of Oriental dance through capturing myself and other Denver, CO dancers, mainly my great friend and woman extraordinaire Mila Popvich, in film and photo.
Early this year they approached me and expressed how fascinated they have been by the art form and my career in particular. They asked me if I would be willing and interested in opening myself up to the idea of a documentary.
Truth be told, I was timid and unsure of myself as the subject of such a documentary. I am actually quite a private person and I really never thought of myself as an interesting enough personality to carry off such a role.
I am also a foreigner practicing a dance and art form of other cultures. How would I be able to tell the whole story? And can I represent the art form?
Well, I don’t have the answers to all those questions but, I do know that not feeling “ready” is the most common sensation of my career. I never feel ready. And if I had said no to every opportunity because I didn’t feel “ready” then I would not be the person or dancer I am today!
What I do know is that this is yet another opportunity for my own personal growth and development. I feel a sense of urgency and importance to take a leap of faith and trust myself. In realizing the scope and potential of what such a film could do for the dance, I am examining my life as a dancer and artists at levels I never have before and with great passion! My intention is to show the world the beauty of Belly Dance!!
It was very important for me to know the angle of the film.
There have been plenty of small scale documentaries that mostly highlight the sensationalized topics of controversy and taboo. I was not interested in this angle and did not want to be part of a film that would fail to give an accurate portrayal of the artistry and hard work behind it.
This documentary will tell the story of the dance through the journey of the dancer. Through my personal story as an artists, mother, wife, woman, person and human. Through my unique journey, Kadri and Ian will have access to thousands of dancers around the world from beginners to professionals who will also share their stories and give us a fascinating glimpse into the phenomena of devotees, followers and practitioners of Belly Dance! We will see how it thrives and flourishes in all the different cultures and environments. We will peel back the layers of the onion and explore the history and roots of the dance at its source! We will highlight the dancers that have been pivotal in my journey from my teachers, friends and colleagues in the United states, Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey, Europe among others.
There is so much to be explored. I am proud and excited to show the world what it really takes to reach my level of success in the industry. And while it isn’t all pretty, it is a story that I think so many can relate to in any walk of life.
There are no short cuts. It is every bit as valid of a life, career and art form as anything else. It takes the same determination, dedication, sacrifice and self discovery. And my being a Western enthusiast and practitioner of an ancient art form that has been introduced to the world through Arabic culture plays a huge part of that story.
Art, it is boundless. It is multi faceted and exists in and between the dualities and contradictions of our human existence! I invite you to help us tell this amazing story!!!
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Thank you all so much!!!!!


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